Supper (Philadelphia) — brunch

I was recently in Philadelphia and went to brunch at Supper.  Normally, I don’t post reviews of breakfast/brunch, becuase the options are pretty standard:  some sort of breads (croissants, etc.), a variety of egg dishes, and–for brunch–a few lunch entrees.  I’m making an exception for Supper because the brunch was great; in fact, I’d say it’s the best brunch I’ve had in recent memory.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, the place was empty when I got to the restaurant.  I was having brunch with my sister, and the two of us were the only people in the restaurant for most of the time we were there.  Maybe that’s why the service was so good.

The item on their brunch menu that caught my eye was the “skillet roasted mushroom toast with fried egg, goat cheese gratinate and herb pesto”.

Even after reading the description, I had no idea what to expect.  Supper gets major points for uniqueness, not only of the dish itself, but also of presentation.  To toast (which you can just barely make out beneath the fried egg) was centered in the skillet, and the creamy goat cheese and mushroom mixture surrounded it.  The toast was topped by the fried egg — with the yolk runny, but not too runny — and a dollop of pesto.  Normally I would have liked a lot more pesto, but this was marjoram pesto (Mark Bittman would approve), and this small amount was flavorful enough to hold its own against the rest of the dish.  I particularly liked that the toast had not gotten soggy and had a little bit of crunch to it, despite being served in the goat cheese mixture.  If you’re looking for a hearty, savory brunch, this is perfect.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something sweeter, then you should get what my sister had:  “red velvet waffles with sweet cream cheese mousse, toasted pecans and molasses bourbon cherries”.  The waffles were as delicious as the description sounds:

My sister was skeptical of the cherries — we were imagining some artificially-colored maraschino cherries — and got them on the side.  (Not pictured, sadly.)  She shouldn’t have been — the cherries were perfect, and would usually be served on top of the waffles.  The waffles were just a bit dry and not quite sweet enough on their own, and adding the cherries and a bit (just a bit) of syrup got the balance just right.  We should have trusted the chef!

Overall, Supper was a great brunch experience.  I give them high marks and highly recommend them if you’re in Philadelphia.  Their menu options were creative, presentation was top-notch, and the dishes actually tasted good.  They had vegetarian options beyond the obligatory omelette, and the vegetarian dishes were actually well thought out and presented.  (One slight downside:  Supper doesn’t have any vegetarian entrees on their current dinner menu.  Too bad.)

(Note:  I will only be awarding star ratings to restaurants’ lunch or dinner menus, because that’s where vegetarians face the greatest challenges.  But don’t take the lack of a rating as a negative in this case, or with regard to any future reviews like this one.)

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2 Responses to Supper (Philadelphia) — brunch

  1. sbrown says:

    Hey I have a good idea. The place sound great…why don’t you take your mother-in-law there some time?

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