An Invitation from Chef David Santos

As you might know, Chef Dave Santos (most recently of Hotel Griffou, with a background in fine dining from places like Bouley and per se) has been hosting a high-end supper club called “Um Segredo” (Grub Street had the write up here).  The dinners started around November of last year and got rave reviews.

Recently, Dave has teamed up with the folks at City Grit, the self-described “Culinary Salon”, to bring his dinners to a wider audience. About a week ago, I e-mailed Dave suggesting that he do a vegetarian themed dinner on a regular basis (there was a “tasting of vegetables” a few weeks ago, but it seemed to be a one-off event. Plus, I didn’t know about these dinners 3 weeks ago, so I missed it).

Well, Dave agreed, and has scheduled a vegetarian dinner for Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  He has personally extended an invitation to the readers of Without Bacon (though obviously the dinner is open to the public generally), and is open to making a vegetarian menu part of the regular rotation.  You can get tickets here:

So come on out and meet Dave (and me, and fellow readers of Without Bacon) on Friday, March 30, at City Grit.  Hopefully a big showing will convince Dave of the great demand for high-end vegetarian-friendly food.  See you there!

(Pictures lifted from here and the accompanying flickr site.)

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