Coming to you live from 35,000 feet…

…but from the back of the airplane.

Flight Map
Just yesterday, I posted about my upcoming trip on American Airlines in business class.  And I recently wrote about United’s BusinessFirst to Hawaii.  Today, unfortunately, I’m in coach!  I’m flying Delta to Salt Lake City (and then on to Arizona) but my upgrade didn’t clear, so here I am.  On the plus side, I’m in Economy Comfort (extra legroom), though the downside is that I can see BusinessElite just a few feet away.  #firstworldproblems.  Anyway, on to the food:Flying from New York to Salt Lake City, I had my pick of the “Westbound” side of the menu.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly vegetarian-friendly.  The “real food” options were a turkey sandwich or roast beef sliders.  I also could have gotten a fruit and cheese plate.

WestboundThat’s what I was leaning toward, but I had a voucher for free food was only good on “non-perishable” food.  Apparently the fruit and cheese plate is perishable, so if I wanted to use my voucher, I had to choose from the “Snack Box” section. I didn’t really feel like paying for sub-par food, so I flipped the page:

Snack BoxesEven one of the snack boxes wasn’t vegetarian!  I went with “Flight Delights”, which were fine.  In fact, they seemed to be the same stuff you’d find in a Delta SkyClub (pita chips, hummus, nutella), just boxed up.  I wasn’t too impressed.  But my JFK-SLC flight is delayed, and I might not make my connection, let alone have time to eat at the airport in Salt Lake.  I figured I had to get something, so Flight Delights it was.

My snacks...It was just as you’d expect.  The hummus is weirdly acidic (I’ve had it at the SkyClub and had the same reaction — they probably use a lot of lemon juice as a preservative) but otherwise the stuff was just fine.  The “honey graham sticks” were a weird graham-cracker-like thing that was good for dipping in nutella.  I didn’t eat the jelly beams or much of the trail mix.  The thing you see on the far left was a weird sesame seed, salsa flavored, cracker like thing.  It was as strange as it sounds.

In case you were wondering, “Eastbound” and “Breakfast” aren’t much better for the vegetarians.  It looks like the cheese plate gets trotted out to do triple duty, first for breakfast:


Next for westbound flights, as I mentioned above, and then again going east:


All in all, this was disappointing.  Come on, Delta.  You can make roast beef sliders.  You can’t make a tomato-and-mozzarella sandwich?  I’m not asking for gourmet, just something passable for the vegetarians out there.  No, offering a cheese plate does not count.

So the short of it is, if you’re a vegetarian flying Delta, you’re probably better off picking something up at the airport than buying onboard.  But then, you probably knew that already.  (I did fly Delta BusinessElite to London, and I have to say the food was much better.  I guess that’s what you get when you’re up front!)

*     *     *

On a totally unrelated note, on the way to my flight, I saw a little “showcase” that was meant to market Delta’s BusinessElite product.  On one side was the lie-flat seat, and on a pedestal were some of the amenities you could expect:

Biz Elite ShowcaseNoise-cancelling headphones, nice facial products, etc.  But look a little closer:

Really?Mionetto prosecco?  The stuff I can get at the corner for ten bucks?  Come on, Delta, you can step it up.  People pay thousands of dollars to fly in a premium cabin.  They deserve better.

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